On a nice location in the Novaki Region, we offer you two new apartments in a quiet environment and with a beautiful view of the Cerkljansko Mountains.In the summer season there are numerous possibilities of spending your vacation in a peaceful environment: cycling in the primeval nature, shorter random walks or longer targeted walks to the surrounding mountain peaks: Porezen (1630 m), Blegoš (1562 m) and Crni vrh (1291 m).

What we offer

APP 4+2
Appartment (SUITE) 4+2 -kitchen / dining corner / sitting area -bedroom - double room and 2 single rooms with bunk beds -bathroom / toilet Equipment: -...  more
APP 3+2
Appartment (suite) 3+2 -kitchen / dining corner / sitting area -bedroom - a double room and a single room (extra beds in the sitting area) -bathroom / toilet Equipment: -...  more
Around the house
Garage Outdoor fireplace Garden with sitting area Playground for children Bike hire   more
Culinary specialties
The region of Cerkno is widely known for the typical local dishes, desserts and drinks that satisfy everyone's stomach. Specialties such as the ham Šebreljski želodec, homemade cheese, the...  more

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Apartments in Marjetki and tourist destinations around the - spot.   more


The apartments are located in the vicinity (1.500m) Modern ski resort Cerkno. Ski center comprises 70 hectares of ski runs, suitable for beginners as well as for families with small children and also...  more
In the summer season it offers you plenty of opportunities to spend quiet or active holiday: cycling in the unspoilt countryside, a short drive along the cycling routes, but the most persistent rise...  more
To learn about our diverse world, by the nature of the mysterious formed between the Alps and the Karst, come to us the green valleys, romantic hills, forests and sunny peaks, which offer a...  more
Harvesting wild berries or herbs
Unspoiled nature offers numerous possibilities for harvesting wild fruits and herbs.  more
Fishing on the rivers Idrijci, Sora or in the lake Pr 'VRHOVCI in Davča, negotiated the option to fish picnic .....  more


The Tourist Association of Novaki, aspiring to show its visitors the lesser known corners of the Cerkljansko region, arranged and marked a circular recreational path to Kopa. The starting point is...  more
Novaška lok smučka
Novaška lok smučka At first "Novaška smučka" (Novaki ski) was a simple wooden ski with binding in the middle. It developed this shape, as the normal ski was broken right in...  more
Kamlonarše Homestead
Kamlonarše Homestead Near the Franja Partisan Hospital the Kamlonarše homestead is located. It is a school example of an architecturally interesting construction legacy - rural, rustic...  more
Cerkno Museum
Cerkno Museum The exhibition for the first time offers a comprehensive presentation of the historical development of the Cerkno region with the exception of archaeological periods. Although this...  more
Municipal museum Idrija
Municipal museum Idrija The Municipal museum Idrija was established in 1953. Its mission is preservation of the cultural heritage in the fields of history, recent history, ethnology, history of...  more
Prehistorical archaeological site
Prehistorical archaeological site "Divje babe" "Divje babe" is a palaeontological archaeological site, a Karst cave in steep rocky slopes above the Indrijca Valley. Many remains...  more
Like "Kurents" the masks of Cerkno "Laufars" hide only single men of age. However, rules are made to be broken, so that the wooden carved and painted masks are sometimes worn...  more
An interesting hydrological element of natural heritage is the spring Zaganjalka under the Cerkno hill, in the gully Volkova grapa near the Zakrog homestead. Zaganjalka is reached by descent from the...  more
The climb to 1632 metres high Porezen from the village Poče takes two and a half hours and from the direction of Zakojca two hours. On top of Porezen there is a cottage opened mainly during the...  more
The cave Aragonitna Ravenska jama
The cave Aragonitna Ravenska jama This cave is a natural monument. It combines 352 metres of tunnels on three levels. It is famous for rich aragonite ornaments. Fragile, snow-white aragonite crystal...  more
The Idrijca River
The Idrijca River The beauty and the cleanliness of the Idrijca attract many visitors and water sports fans (canoe, kayak). This river is a paradise for sports fishermen, as it has an abundance of...  more
DAVČA'S CASCADES The village Davča is known as the largest village in Slovenia. Full of peace and beauty spots it fills with enthusiasm everyone who comes to its core. The one should see cascades...  more
Postojna Cave
Postojna Cave The cave is the most famous and the most frequently visited karst cave. The cave has the longest cave system in Slovenia. It has an electrical lighting system and a railway system by...  more
Castle Jama, Predjama
Castle Jama, Predjama The castle was first mentioned in the 13th century. It is unique because of its location. It was erected in front of a cave, but a part of the castle was built also inside the...  more
Lipica Stud Farm
In the picturesque Karst region of Slovenia, in the heart of a green oasis under the azure Mediterranean sky, in the shade of century-old lime trees and oaks, and just a stone’s throw from the...  more
Škocjan Caves
Škocjan Caves The Škocjan caves have been under UNESCO protection since 1986. This cave system consists of underground tunnels, subsoil runoffs, lakes, swallow holes, cave halls,...  more
Kobarid Museum
Kobarid Museum The exhibitions in the Museum Kobarid show the horrors of the Great War on Slovenian ground. The most famous theme of the museum is the Isonzo Front, where 300,000 soldiers fell in...  more
Škofja Loka Castle
Škofja Loka Castle The origins of the castle can be traced back to the 10th century, when the original fort was built here by the Bishops of Freising. The castle suffered a considerable...  more
Wild Lake - Museum in Nature
Wild Lake - Museum in Nature The Wild Lake belongs to the jewels of Slovenian natural heritage. For that reason the lake was protected as a natural monument in 1967, whereas from 1972 on, it has...  more
Antonij's shaft
Antonij's shaft In the old city center of Idrija stands the imposing Šelstev building where miners once gathered before descending into the dark tunnels of the mercury mine. Today, visitors...  more
BLED With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings, ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts, renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water. The beauty of...  more